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Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute

Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute (PCSI) is a body corporate under the administrative control of Textile Division, Ministry for Commerce and Textile, Government of Pakistan, governed by the Board of Directors.

PCSI Head Office is located in S.I.T.E., Karachi and working with Two Regional Offices situated inSukkur& Multan and Ten well equipped Cotton Fiber Testing Laboratories located in different Regions of Sindh and Punjab. A well trained staff is always ready to serve.

Joint Director PCSI


The Cotton Crop Assessment Committee(CCAC) in its meeting held under the chairmanship of Secretary, Textile Division,.............


  • to introduce standardization of cotton.
  • to establish cotton standards and recommend measures to provincial governments for producing contamination-free cotton.
  • to devise quality control measures for export and domestic use of cotton and the handling procedures for contamination-free cotton in ginning factories.
  • to conduct grading of seed cotton and classification of lint cotton through its Classers or the approved private inspection companies.
  • to pre-qualify the private inspection companies for certifying the quality of cotton.
  • to conduct training and examination in cotton grading and cotton classing for growers, ginners, spinners, exporters and other persons of public and private sectors and awarding the certificate.
  • to develop arbitration procedures to settle disputes relating to classification, grading and contamination amongst sellers and buyers of seed cotton and lint cotton.
  • to liaison with the national and international cotton related institutions, and;
  • to lay down the policy and program and its implementation for training in arbitrating cotton classification and cotton fibre testing.


1. PCSI Regional Office, Multanhas successfully completed Cotton Selectors Training Course in August 2018 and the participants of the training course have been awarded the certificate.

2. The cotton classers of PCSI Regional Office Sukkur visited the Cotton Research Station Ghotki, and interacted with the Researchers, Breeders, Ginners, Farmers / Growers of the area on improvement of cotton quality andconceptual measures for the improvement of cotton quality was discussed and agreed to work upon promotion of cotton quality.


To promote proper picking, procedures, handling, better ginning practices and use of Official Cotton Standards in domestic market & international commerce, to shift the present marketing system to a quality based marketing system on the basis of grade, staple length & other cotton fiber properties subject to premium/discount which is the only methodological approach for the production of high quality standardized clean cotton to bring pak cotton at par with international standards enabling to fetch its real intrinsic value from the international market place.

Director Desk