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Cotton Standardization Fee

Under the provision of Cotton Standardization Ordinance 2002, and S.R.O No. 1013(1)/2006, dated 29/09/2006. PCSI is empowered to charge Rs. 5/- per press bale, as standardization fee, such fee at such rate as the government may from time to time fix in the official notification.

Institute shall utilize the fee to meet its establishment and its operational expenses.

Against the fee the PCSI has to do a variety of works as mentioned in section 12 of the Ordinance, which is reproduced hereunder.

  1. Functions of the Institute.-The following shall be the functions of the institute, namely:-


  1. To introduce standardization of cotton;
  2. To establish cotton standards and recommend measures to Provincial Governments for producing contamination free cotton;
  3. To devise, quality control measures for export and domestic use of cotton and the handling procedures for contamination free cotton in ginning factories;
  4. To conduct grading of seed cotton and classification of lint cotton through its Classers or the approved private inspection companies;
  5. To pre-qualify the private inspection companies for certifying the quality of cotton;
  6. To conduct training and examination in cotton grading and cotton classing for growers, ginners, spinners, exporters and other persons of public and private sectors and awarding the certificate;
  7. To develop arbitration procedures to settle disputes relating to classification, and contamination amongst sellers and buyers of seed cotton and lint cotton;
  8. To liaison with the national and international cotton related institutions; and
  9. To lay down the policy and program and its implementation for training in arbitration, cotton classification and cotton fibre testing;
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